[EN] Oświęcim- Auschwitz Birkenau

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All about the [EN] Oświęcim- Auschwitz Birkenau.

Price per person:
normal ticket – 45 Eur
student’s ticket – 35 Eur
child’s ticket (till 18years) – 23 Eur

Trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum is very touching and thought provoking journey, allowing
you to learn about the history linked to the World War the II. The Concentration Camp
Auschwitz-Birkenau has become the symbol of terror and genocide. built by the German
Nazi in 1940 in the outskirts of Oświęcim, city belonging to German III Reich.
The original and initial camp – Auschwitz I – which was built and used as involuntary
concentration camp was then further enlarged by Auschwitz II – Birkenau (Brzezinka) –
concentration and mass extermination camp, containing gas chambers and crematories and
Auschwitz III Monowitz (Monowice) – involuntary work camp next to Buna-Werke factory IG
During the 5 year of Auschwitz history, more than 1.3 mn people has been murdered, there
of 1.1 mln Jews, 150 thd Poles, 23 thd Roms and 30 thd from other European countries.
In 1947 former concentration camp became a memorial and martyrology place, formed out of
both Auschwitz camps in Oświęcim and Brzezinka, containing about 150 buildings and 300
ruins. There are gas chambers, prisoners’ huts, guardians towers, kilometers of camps’ ways
and fences preserved. Inside the buildings, you will find original objects and documents
collected and used in the daily life of the the camp.
In 1979, memorial place became a part of the World’s Cultural Heritage UNESCO list.
Auschwitz-Birkenau – the biggest Nazi concentration and extermination camp, was
transformed to the museum of martyrdom, with multiple exhibitions built in the camp’s blocks,
gas chambers and crematories. One will find there also the sculptures and works of art made
by the former prisoners, documenting terrible terror and crime of Holocaust. The journey to
the concentration camp will give the opportunity to learn about this very dark period in human
history and help to preserve the memory of those who were murdered there. One will also
learn about specific individuals and see the monuments memorializing the victims.
Visit to the museum is the very strong experience allowing you to deepen your knowledge
coming out of the books and draw intrinsic picture of the camp’s reality and life, giving you
the opportunity to see on your own the place where these most horrible and horrific crimes
have been committed.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Price and offer includes:

  • ticket to visit the Concentration Camp Auschwitz – Birkenau, 
  • Professional group guide in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and the headset.
  • transfer from Cracow with air-conditioned bus with professional, English-speaking driver and the insurance policy during the travel.
  • transfer between two exhibitions – Auschwitz and Birkenau.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Information about the offer:

1. Presented offer corresponds to group trip.  We can offer also individual one based on customer request. Should you be interested in the individual offer, please contact us via the contact form.

2. Pick-up point in Cracow: Matejki Sq. 2 (Plac Matejki 2).

3. Pickup time: always 2h before the planned visit in the Museum.

➡️ Example: When you bought the ticket to visit Museum at 10 am, please be at pick up location at latest at 8 am.

4. Expected duration time of the trip is about 6,5h – 7h (door to door). Proposed program includes visiting of two parts of Concentration Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. During the fist part, lasting about 2h, you will be guided through the exhibition, originally preserved buildings and the crematory in Auschwitz. In the second part, taking about 60 minutes, you will see the most important objects in Birkenau, including the railcar used to transport the prisoners, barracks, huts and ruins of the gas chambers and the International Memorial Monument of Prisoners.

  1. Map Map

  2. Important information and visiting rules in Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Important information and visiting rules in Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum
    1. Please note Auschwitz-Birkenau is the open air object. Ensure you are prepared for the changing weather conditions, including rain protection jackets or umbrellas.
    2. It is not advised to visit the Museum by persons younger than 14 years (final decision to be made the the parents/guardians).
    3. Group visiting of the Museum is always with the use of authorized museum’s guide. Leaving the group and individual visiting is not allowed.
    4. While visiting the Museum, one should behave with due seriousness and respect. Visitors are obliged to wear clothes appropriate to the character of the place.
    5. For the safety reasons, visitors will have to undergo the personal and luggage security scans.
    6. You are allowed to carry the handbag or a small luggage up to 30x20x10 cm in Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. Bigger items need to be left outside of the museum’s (in the car, bus or the dedicated deposit box available in the museum).
    7. Entering the Museum while being under influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.