Terms of service

The following standard email form is the only way of reserving or cancelling excursion reservations available on the web page www.kahantour.pl.

User is of private status who is aware of the laws and physics of the polish Civil Code.

Travel Operator is Wojciech Kahan, Address: ul. Leśna 43, 32-100 Proszowice, Poland, e-mail: info@kahan.pl


  1. Reservations are made on web page www.kahantour.pl only by correctly filling in the application form and sending it with the tours chosen.
  2. In the event of incorrectly completing the application form the user bears all personal responsibility for any action.
  3. The Operator is not accountable for the unavailability to access the reservation system, for security or any other reason regardless of the contributing Operator.
  4. The Operator holds the right to refuse access to the www.kahantour.pl web page for matters of security and any inaccurate irregularities.
  5. Reservations are approved provided that a charge has been debited from the users valid credit card account.


  1. Student Discount is for tourists under 25 years, holders of an international student ID card.
  2. Children Discount is for children under 12 years.


  1. In the case of making payment via credit card, the user is obliged to enter and complete all the required credit card details.
  2. Authorisation and accounts are dealt with through the internet service of the Pol-Card company, on the secure SSL connection.
  3. In the case of purchasing chosen excursions, together with confirmation of the transaction, access to the amount shown on the form is blocked.
  4. In the case of the lack of funds on the credit card, the amount due towards the payment of the reservation, the reservation becomes ineffective.
  5. Payment is in Polish zlotys (PLN), and the values given in EURO and USD, are only rough estimates and approximations, converted from the average exchange rate of NBP on the given day.


  1. The System of the web page www.kahantour.pl functions automatically, on the basis of an independent reservation by the person making it, and apart from information given to the Client by the System, additional confirmation from the Operator is not required.
  2. In the case of inaccessibility of the service at a given moment, for example, due to an insufficient number of participants, the Operator will, in the moment of a change in situation, send information about its access to the email adress given by the person making the reservation on the form.
  3. Confirmation of the acquired excursion is available as a voucher to print out, containing data about the type of trip, the day and when it will take place.


  1. In the case of impossible execution of the service, due to reasons irrespective of the Operator, he must commit himself to the refund made by the person reserving the payment of the service, pursuant to no.3.
  2. The return of the payment made by the person reserving the excursion exhausts on the whole any claims of his from the title of the service that hasn’t been executed.
  3. A refund, specified in no.1, will come up on the credit card (refund on the card).
  4. In the case of unforeseeable circumstances, independent of any other actions, life catastrophes, strikes, onset of war or other situations that make it impossible for the realization of the service as agreed, the operator is released from any obligated services.


  1. In the case of cancelling the reservation, the owed amount is returned to the credit card account by the Operator within 7 working days.


  1. Making a reservation on the Internet website www.cracowtours.pl the User hereby agrees to have their personal data recorded in the system database of website www.kahantour.pl. The recorded data will only be accessed for the purposes of the realization of a reservation, simplifying the process of making additional reservations as well as for marketing purposes in accordance with the full extent of the Polish Protection of Personal Privacy Law dated 29.08.1997.


  1. Selecting the option “I Agree” indicates, that the Client understands and accepts the all the conditions of the Regulations. If the Client does not accept the conditions of the Regulations the result is a return to the main service page.